A few days ago I stumbled upon an article by PHPmagazin with the results of a poll (in German) about the most popular PHP framework. As PHPmagazin says, 5.000 PHP developers have been surveyed, with the result that more than a quarter of them would prefer Yii with it’s outstanding high security standards and usage of most modern technologies. Symfony was relegated to the second place.

As we at OXID decided to work with Symfony and announced this matter of fact a couple of month ago, I put this point into an internal discussion. Interestingly, mates of all departments (sales, project and core development, support, etc.) reacted immediately and wanted to know more about this decision although Yii seems to be on top presently. One of our software architects, Philip Washington Sorst, gave the most suitable and reasonable answer:

Symfony conviced us for many reasons, some of them are: It is very mature, it strongly leverages OO programming principles, it has outstanding documentation, it provides commercial support, it has a big community, it is much more than just a web framework, it has tons of bundles for virtually every aspect. Obviously most of the bigger PHP frameworks are “good” in their ways. But we needed to make a decision that is focused on sustainability, not popularity.

I personally can live with this answer pretty perfectly. Do you get the point? ^^

  1. chris says:

    While I’m a pretty big fan of Yii and I think you guys made the wrong choice in choosing Symphony 2 over Yii 2. … I’m still pretty happy. Symphony 2 is a good framework and I can’t wait to see Oxid’s ‘ORM’ die. Yii vs. Symphony is like vi vs. emacs … both are better than notepad.

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