Working with child themes in OXID eShopThe default Azure theme, shipped with OXID eShop, uses flags instead of language names for the language changer. This makes sense when working with just two languages in your installation like English and German but quickly gets confusing when more languages are provided. In... > Read More
The weather in Germany usually becomes rainy, grey and cheerless by the end of October / beginning of November, so no wonder some people move for a holiday trip southward if they can afford it. An interesting idea is to combine both, job and holiday and to stock up on some sunshine while working in the bright and sunny... > Read More
Problem A friend of mine is photographing a lot and feels in charge to share his pictures to others via Internet. He suffered from the size of his high-resolution pictures taken en masse: he simply couldn't find an appropriate platform for sharing a dozen GB. Having a look at it I found single pictures with the size of 12 megapixels... > Read More

Community Leadership Summit Europe

I'm happy to announce that the very first European Community Leadership Summit (abbr: CLS) will take place on May 9th during the LinuxTag in Berlin.

Community Leadership Summit originally was conceived back in 2009 by Jono Bacon, the community manager for the... > Read More
The last weekend I spent in Herdecke, Germany on invitation of my mate Daniel Schlichtholz, the main coder of the translation center oTranCe. oTranCe was originally invented for localizing and managing the language keys of Daniel's other pet project, MySQLDumper, and is used as a localisation... > Read More
This is more or less a notice to myself. I switched to LinuxMint recently and tried to setup a LAMP system including all modules in order to run OXID eShop on it (I basically need it for my daily work). This became fairly different to the Ubuntu installations I ran before, and I found some dodgy tricks that I... > Read More