Yes, the rumours are true: @Hebsacker, AKA Raimund (Ray) Lang-Pantic, got a new job a while ago and it turned out that he'll have no more time for us at the OXID forums. Bummer, isn't it. I'd like to take this chance to thank him for his great job he was doing for years: perfect moderation, understanding the community quite well,... > Read More
Looking for the right developer can become a hard task nowadays, and very often a simple job description is not enough to attract good developers. On the other hand, you want to proof if a developer is good enough to fulfill daily tasks. Also very interesting to see that certifications, CVs and other documents are relegated to secondary significance. What... > Read More
OXID eShop is available under two different licenses, GPLv3 and a commercial license. That's why contributors have to sign up a so called "OXID Contributor Agreement" (OCA) before their contributions can be merged. In the past, this step was painful: most contributors didn't read the file attentively enough and had to be pointed during the discussion... > Read More
Working with child themes in OXID eShopThe default Azure theme, shipped with OXID eShop, uses flags instead of language names for the language changer. This makes sense when working with just two languages in your installation like English and German but quickly gets confusing when more languages are provided. In... > Read More
The weather in Germany usually becomes rainy, grey and cheerless by the end of October / beginning of November, so no wonder some people move for a holiday trip southward if they can afford it. An interesting idea is to combine both, job and holiday and to stock up on some sunshine while working in the bright and sunny... > Read More